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Rent the Consistory Room

The vestry is still entirely in the classic original style. On the back wall is the photo gallery of all ministers of the Hervormde Gemeente Delfshaven. It is a space with a special atmosphere. The room has limited dimensions and is often used in combination with one of the other rooms, but can also be rented separately for, among other things, small-scale meetings or a small reception. A private pantry can be used via a short corridor. The Consistory Room can be entered through the Main Hall as well as through the entrance on the Piet Heynstraat.


  • Standing reception up to 15 people;
  • Meeting setup for 8 people.


  • Free WIFI;
  • 100” monitor on a mobile trolley, including media player, controllable from a PC;
  • Authentic conference chairs;
  • Small toilet group;
  • Various catering options. A snack, drink, lunch or dinner can be arranged. The choice of the caterer is made in consultation. We often work together with a number of caterers in the area.
  • Audiovisual presentation of approx. 7 minutes about the history of the Pilgrim Fathers (if desired).

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